Integral high finned Tubes

Advantages of brass tube

Brass tube is hard and not easy to corrode, and it can be used in many environments. Let’s understand the advantages of customs clearance!

  1. The brass tube is safe and reliable. The brass tube is harder than the plastic pipe and has high strength of general metal. However, it is easier to bend than the general metal. It has good toughness, high ductility, impact resistance, excellent vibration resistance and frost expansion resistance.
  1. The brass tube is sanitary and healthy, while the brass tube does not have various modifiers, additives, additives and other chemical components of the plastic tube. Biological research shows that Escherichia coli in water supply can no longer reproduce in the brass tube; more than 99% of the bacteria in water are completely killed five hours after entering the brass tube. The structure of brass tube is very compact and impermeable. The brass tube does not contain chemical additives and will not burn and release toxic gases to suffocate people. The recycling of copper is conducive to environmental protection and is a green building material for sustainable development.
  1. The brass tube is durable, the chemical property of copper is stable, and it has the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance. It can be used in different environments for a long time. The service life of brass tube can be as long as that of building, or even longer.
  1. The connection of brass tubes is strong. There are many kinds of pipes in the market, but most of the interface fittings are made of copper. However, if the brass tube fittings are connected with other pipes, due to the different materials of pipes and fittings, the physical and mechanical properties of the heat expansion and cold contraction are very different, so the connection firmness will naturally be subject to additional challenges.
  1. Murphy thermal brass tube is good for health, water saving, pollution prevention and sterilization. When choosing or decorating a house, few people ask about the water supply pipe of the house. In fact, the material of water supply pipe will greatly affect people’s health.

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