Flue Gas Recycle Heat Exchanger

flue gas heat recovery heat exchanger
flue gas heat recovery heat exchanger

Why is flue gas waste heat recovery needed?

1.Heat loss of boiler includes: smoke loss, fly ash loss, heat preservation and heat dissipation loss, incomplete combustion loss of fuel, etc.

2.Exhaust gas loss accounts for 70-80% of total heat loss, and high exhaust gas temperature is one of the most important indicators of boiler heat loss.

3.The boiler thermal efficiency can be increased by 1% when the exhaust gas temperature is reduced by 15 ℃.

4.If the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler can be reduced by 30 ℃ – 50 ℃, the thermal efficiency of the boiler can be increased by more than 2% – 3%.

1.various types of boilers with high exhaust gas temperature and waste heat utilization space.

2.boilers that adopt other ways to reduce exhaust gas temperature are not ideal or have little effect.

3.industrial furnace heating furnace with low temperature heat source available in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum and other industries.

1.On the premise of ensuring that the boiler equipment is not affected and the main equipment is not corroded, a large amount of waste heat of boiler flue gas is recovered.

2.By changing the functional relationship between the flue gas temperature at the tail of the boiler and the minimum wall temperature, the contradiction between the low flue gas temperature and the acid dew corrosion is ingeniously resolved, which provides a broad space for the full use of the waste heat of the flue gas of the boiler.

It can save 1% – 5% energy of the boiler. The biggest feature of the technology is that the metal wall temperature of the equipment can be adjusted and controlled

  1. Generally speaking, comprehensive utilization of waste heat is the best; the second is direct utilization; the third is indirect utilization (generating steam for power generation).
  1. The reasonable utilization sequence of waste heat steam is: combined use of power heating; combined use of power generation and heating; production process use; domestic use; condensation power generation use.
  1. The reasonable utilization sequence of waste heat hot water is: for perennial use of production process; for return to boiler and power generation; for domestic use.
  1. The reasonable utilization sequence of waste heat air is: production use; HVAC use; power use; power generation use.

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