Exhaust Gas Recovery Heat Exchanger

Murphy Waste heat recovery device of waste gas and waste water

  1. The industrial production department uses a large number of energy consumption equipment such as heating furnace, kiln, industrial boiler, etc. the exhaust gas temperature is between 180 ~ 900 ℃, the exhaust heat is not used, and the energy waste is serious. Among all possible energy-saving measures, the recovery and utilization of flue gas waste heat is the first choice with the largest energy-saving rate. Under the condition of low-cost investment, it obtains an average energy-saving and emission reduction percentage of 20-30%, which is indeed the leading project with the highest economic and social benefits.
  1. The direction of flue gas waste heat utilization is as follows:
    Preheat the softened water or domestic hot water entering the furnace
    Preheat the air (blast) and gas fuel (gas, natural gas, etc.) entering the furnace for combustion support
    The recovery of flue gas waste heat directly produces medium and low pressure steam, which is used for production or power generation.
    This is the three important ways of direct utilization after flue gas waste heat recovery, which is usually the most effective. For this reason, the efficient heat exchanger designed and produced by Murphy is the most convenient measure to support you to achieve this goal.
  1. The high efficiency heat exchanger designed and manufactured by Murphy has the following advantages:
  1. Transfer large heat flow under small temperature difference. High heat recovery.
  2. The micro resistance of flue gas flow does not affect the pressure distribution of the original combustion condition of the furnace.
  3. The structure is simple, compact, economical and small.
  4. Murphy waste gas heat exchanger overcomes the problem of low temperature corrosion and properly deals with the problem of ash deposition and scale removal
  5. Easy to use, no maintenance workload
  6. Murphy products have a long working life.

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