Brazed heat Exchanger

Brazed heat exchanger product basic introduction

Brazed heat exchanger does not have sealant pad, all the plates are made of high temperature melted and welded copper foil, plate has a unique herringbone corrugated design, can make the fluid in low flow rate also achieve the effect of turbulence, heat transfer efficiency is high, its volume is usually small, mainly used in high temperature and high pressure, rubber pad can not adapt to the working conditions. It also has certain disadvantages, brazing heat exchanger can not be separated to clean, can not be repaired, the price is slightly higher.

Brazed plate heat exchanger is one of the new equipment in the field of heating and cooling. It has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, high heat transfer efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance, and the ability to deal with small temperature difference. As a high efficiency and energy saving product, it has been widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, electric power, medicine, food, textile, paper, shipping, Marine development and other industrial fields.

Advantages of Brazing Heat Exchanger:

1) compact structure, easy to install

Use of sheet metal
High insulation coefficient
Stagnant liquid quantity is little

2) low water consumption

The brazed plate heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, so it only needs 1/3 of the cooling water flow of the shell and tube heat exchanger under the same cooling condition.

3) light weight

It is only equivalent to 20%~30% of the heat exchanger.

4) durable

Able to withstand high temperature and pressure
Removal of corrosion problems

5) low fouling coefficient

High turbulence reduces the fouling coefficient, thus reducing the number of cleaning times.

Application field of brazing heat exchanger

  1. Refrigeration;
  2. Hvac;
  3. Chemical industry;
  4. Metallurgical industry;
  5. Machinery industry;
  6. Electric power industry;
  7. Paper industry;
  8. Textile industry;
  9. Food industry;
  10. Grease process;
  11. Central heating;
  12. Oil;
  13. Medicine;
  14. The ship;
  15. Desalination;
  16. Geothermal utilization.

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